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We strive to be the distributor of choice for quality HVACR equipment, supplies, expertise and service.

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Our mission is to partner with our customers for mutual growth and profitability by providing innovative solutions, quality equipment and exceptional service. TSI's employee owners are dedicated and trained professionals, conducting business with integrity.

Engineering & Design Department

Our Engineering & Design experts offer experience in traditional and state-of-the-art HVAC systems, including floor plans, energy savings, customized consultations and more.


Green Bay

Andy Kempfer -
Residential Engineering & Design

Phone: 608-327-2348

Brad Noah -
Engineering & Design

Phone: 920-491-5233

Brent Danz -
Commercial & Residential Eng. & Design

Phone: 608-327-2330

Paul Sobieck -
Engineering & Design

Phone: 920-491-5232

Dave Jones, P.E. NCEES -
Commercial Engineering & Design

Phone: 608-327-2309

Dave is an author and editor for The Family Handyman Magazine. Read his article here.

Engineering & Design News & Updates

Fan Applications & Troubleshooting

Continuing last issue’s discussion on fan problems : The TSI engineering department receives a number of questions about fans that aren’t performing up to expectations. So, we put together a few diagrams that might help you folks out in the field to get the most out of your fans. Although our pictures are showing utility set fans, the ideas can be applied to about any fan installation, including prop fans. In the last issue, we looked at the air Entering a fan. This issue, we are taking a look at the LEAVING side of the fan. The air LEAVING the fan needs to leave nice and smooth, with no sudden turns and no sudden changes in duct size. A nice smooth transition leaving the fan makes it run smoother, quieter and helps get the rated performance you are looking for.

When the air leaves the fan, the air wants to keep going in the ‘same direction’ that it was going when it left the wheel. If the discharge ductwork forces the air to turn in the opposite direction (see ‘incorrect installation’ below), this will have a negative effect on performance.

Also, on 3-phase fans, make sure you have the rotation of the fan wheel going in the proper direction. You wouldn’t believe the number of fans we check that the wheel is rotating the wrong way.

Update on Warranty Claims

Here are some special instructions to help expedite your warranty claims. Please remember to fill out your SCA’s with complete part numbers and serial numbers for BOTH the failed and replacement information when it comes to compressors and coils. We NOW also need serial numbers on both failed and replacement parts for thermostats, user interfaces, zoning and related accessories. In addition if this information is missing, the Warranty Department will be unable to process your claim and cannot provide you with your credit. Please take the serial number and part number directly from the actual part, not from the invoice you receive from TSI.

CLAIMS: Make sure to send in your claim forms within 30 days of the repair date to avoid claims from either being denied or charged a penalty (depending on each vendor’s policy or product).

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